Why PM? Why now? PM technology has been used widely since the 1920s, but with the recent strides that have been made in PM metallurgy, manufacturing methods, new materials – and new combinations of materials – Powder Metal offers you a whole new world of possibilities.



Improved strength, superior performance and reliability


Using a combination of high-pressure compression and high-temperature heat treatment, PM manufacturing involves the metallurgical bonding of metal particles to form finished and semi-finished components with exceptional strength and durability.

Design flexibility: ideal for complex shapes and intricate detail


The PM process delivers precise shape, density and performance characteristics that in many cases are not economically or technically achievable by other methods.

Lower finishing costs – and no compromises


PM can reduce or eliminate the need for secondary machining or additional processing. Many PM parts are dimensionally accurate and ready for use as soon as they leave the sintering furnace.

PM is the ultimate reduce, recycle, re-use solution


Power metal manufacturing uses a significant proportion of recycled material in powder form and generates virtually no waste during the production process.