Powder metal manufacturing: equal parts science, business, art, magic.

Machining - Sinteris





Ferrous-based materials

Alloys: steel, brass, bronze, and more

Composites: metals & non-metallic combinations

Additives: Lubricants, graphite, etc.

Net & near-net shape pressing

Mechanical & hydraulic presses – from 8 to 750 tonnes

Five continuous belt furnaces in operation

H2N2/Endo gas atmosphere

Flexible atmosphere selected for specific metallurgy of applications

Optional: Steam to increase surface hardness, corrosion resistance

A complete range of in-house finishing and sub-assembly resources

Fully-integrated manufacturing and finishing, including the combining on PM and non-PM parts

Specialized expertise offering a range of innovative, cost-effective secondary finishing solutions

Learn more about our secondary finishing capabilities here