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Sinteris case study - multi-component, multi-challenges

CASE STUDY: Multi-components, multi-challenges…

Sometimes, one project, done fast and done right, is just the beginning. Read about the happy endings right here.

Green-state machining - SInteris video

Video: Green-state Machining

Cutting teeth, cutting costs: See why green machining has been an industry-leading Sinteris speciality since 2001. To view the video, click here.

Secondary Finishing video - Sinteris library

Video: Secondary finishing solutions

See how Sinteris uses specialized secondary finishing to reduce costs and add value to components and sub-assemblies. To view the video, click here

Case study - 8 prototypes in 8 weeks - Sinteris

Case study: 8 prototypes in 8 weeks

How can a manufacturer deliver 8 powder metal prototypes in 8 weeks? Very creatively! Along with a supply chain of trusted specialty shops, says Sinteris’ Phil Goodwin. Read the case study

PM Innovation - Sinteris case study

Case study: PM in electric motor component design

New main rotor design replaces surface-mounted magnets with soft magnetic powder metal composites (SMC’s). Read the case study

Dual Material PM application - Sinteris case study

Case study: Dual-material PM innovation

Sinteris solved a key customer problem by combining ferrous and non-ferrous materials in a single manufacturing operation. Read the case study

LIBRARY - Rick Armstrong video - Sinteris

Video: How I get my foot in the door for Sinteris

To get Rick’s take on the art of selling and the magic of teamwork (yours and ours) click here

 Sinteris webinar - Making powder metal magic

Webinar: Making Powder Metal Magic: This recorded webinar is now available

Get up to date and up to speed on current advances and innovative application-specific powder metal materials. To view the recording, click here

Case study: Green-state machining

Machining a part before sintering it (instead of after) can save you money. Read how we do it.

Webinar: Secondary finishing: This free webinar recording is now available

The recorded webinar is now available. To view, click here

Webinar: Is “The Powder Metal Advantage” right for you? This free webinar recording is now available

Webinar promoOCT

The recorded webinar is now available. To view, click here

Video: From Metal Powder to Finished Product – the 1-minute plant tour

 View the video

Video: What do powder metal customers want?

In this Q&A session, Sinteris president Phil Goodwin talks about a recent customer visit and what most customers want to see and hear about.

Watch the video here or click here to read the interview transcript.