How do you combine a soft magnetic alloy and a non-magnetic powder material in a single PM manufacturing process? It must be magic!

The challenge

A major European-based tier one buyer invited Sinteris to explore the possibilities for combining two powders in a single component application. The key challenge was to have a magnetic surface on one side of the component while the other surfaces remained non-magnetic.

The process
Sinteris’ engineering team had extensive experience in dual-material applications – notably in combining materials of varying carbon content – but they had not worked with magnetic and non-magnetic materials. The team began testing immediately and quickly saw the potential for promising results. Sinteris was able to achieve the ideal properties within just a few months of development engineering.

The customer’s goal was realized; its high-volume components are in production and are used in applications for hybrid vehicles. Sinteris has since developed a number of new and innovative dual-material applications.

Dual-material applications like this one can significantly reduce production costs by combining different materials – with sharply different characteristics and functionality – in a single component and a single manufacturing process.

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