Success under pressure: a Sinteris case study

The challenge

A major producer of heavy equipment had a new concept for a seat adjuster that had the potential to revolutionize heavy-duty seat design. After experiencing a series of delays in concept development with a Sinteris competitor, the customer invited Sinteris to take on the assignment. Apart from the complexity of the design itself, the most serious challenge was the client’s deadline: a five-week development window for all components.

The solution

A combination of five components was required. To meet the project’s tight schedule, Sinteris’ engineering team relied on three core strengths: its extensive design experience, its years of pioneering development, and, in particular, Sinteris’ expertise in green state machining. Another key factor was the company’s ability to quickly mobilize and coordinate its tool-making partners.


All five components met the customer’s demanding schedule. The parts, used in heavy earth-moving equipment, have remained in continuous production. In addition, an earlier design for a mating part was re-sourced to Sinteris – a reflection of the customer’s confidence not only in Sinteris’ design expertise but also its manufacturing and supply capabilities.