Make Sinteris your powder metal innovation specialists.

A 40-year track record

Sinteris has over 100 parts in continuous production at its  40,000+ square-foot plant in Blenheim, Ontario, which includes comprehensive secondary facilities and resources

Since its formation in 1972, Sinteris has offered fully-integrated powder metal component manufacturing & assembly solutions to automotive, industrial and consumer product manufacturers worldwide. Components produced include gears, sprockets, hubs, sensors and many others. The company is located near the Detroit-Windsor border in Ontario’s industrial heartland, and is supported by a strong network of partners to supply powder, coating, heat treating and other services.


Management by walking around


Sinteris’ President Phil Goodwin (left) with Rick Armstrong, Manager of Sales & Applications

Bringing together decades of experience in developing custom-engineered PM solutions, the Sinteris management team works hands-on with customers, staff and suppliers alike to keep the communications channels open and the ideas flowing freely.


A highly skilled, highly reliable workforce


Sinteris maintains permanent fulltime staff of over 100 skilled technology specialists, technicians and machine operators, many of which have worked for the company for many years. Operating in a stable and closely-knit rural Ontario community provides us the key advantage of very low staff turnover rates and a strong sense of teamwork, camaraderie and company spirit.


A full-service, customer-centered resource


Beyond the products we produce, Sinteris is committed to delivering exceptional customer satisfaction by providing a full complement of services – from design and secondary operations to advanced Quality Assurance and distribution support.



Secondary Finishing video - Sinteris

Video overview now available. See how Sinteris uses specialized secondary finishing to reduce costs and add value to components and sub-assemblies. To view the video, click here

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